The very naughty velociraptor

Falk, Nick

The very naughty velociraptor Saurus street : the very naughty velociraptor Nick Falk and Tony Flowers - North Sydney, Australia : Random House, 2013. - 136 pages : illustrations ; 20 cm. - Saurus street .

On the cover: "Nick Falk and Tony Flowers / Saurus Street / The very naughty velociraptor".

Tom and Tam's lives are thrown into disarray with the arrival of their dreaded Great Aunt Gertrude. She's totally disgusting and is blaming them for a whole lot of strange occurrences. Even worse, she'd threatening to move in with them permanently. When it's discovered the troublemaker is actually a cheeky velociraptor, Tom and Tam need some hardworking thinking caps to help solve their crazy predicament.



PZ 7.F186 / .V62 2013