Guidelines in the Use of Computers

The LRC has provided iMac (Macintosh) computer units for students’ or teachers’ use. Internet access from LRC computers may only be used for school-related work and research. These computer units are subject to rules and policies stated below:

  • Utilization of computer is on a first-come first-served basis.
  • Only students with validated I.D. are allowed to use the computer.
  • Students who are officially logged-in are the only ones allowed to use the computer; Reservation for or through a friend/classmate is not allowed.
  • Users must stay at the computer terminal assigned to them. Swapping of computer number or terminal is prohibited.
  • Students who are still logged-in and wish to continue in the next time slot are required to finish their usage period first before logging-in again.
  • Users who wish to avail of printing services must save their document/s only to designated shared folder (my Documents) of the computer assigned to them. Printing form should be filled-out for easy retrieval of documents. Applicable fee shall be imposed:
    • Printing (Colored, black and white ) : PHP 5.00 /page
    • Printing with graphics (Colored, black and white): PHP 10.00 / page
    • Students with unsettled accountabilities (i.e. overdue books, fines, lost library materials, etc.) will not be allowed to use the computer.
    • Plugging in any form of removable drives into the computer units is not allowed.
    • Alteration of the settings or configuration of the equipment or computer is strongly discouraged.
    • Chat, games, and accessing social media accounts are strictly prohibited inside the LRC.