Brief History

The De La Salle University - Dasmariñas High School Learning Resource Center (DLSU-D HS LRC) opened its doors to the JHS community on July 28, 2014.It was previously located on the ground floor of the JHS Building 1 with a total floor area of 252 sq. meters and a seating capacity of 74 users at a time. Because of the increase in the population in the JHS, it was transferred to its current location at the JHS Building 2. It now occupies two floors with a 300 sq.m area on the first floor and 260 sq.m area on the ground floor. From the previous 74 seating capacity, it can now accommodate up to 170 students at a time. It houses different types of fiction and non-fiction books, serials collection, multimedia materials, board games, and equipment. The whole LRC is Wi-Fi-enabled and equipped with Macintosh and Window based computers, two web OPAC terminals, a Library Management System (KOHA), and Patron Log-in system. The Learning Resource Center currently has more than 7,000 printed collections in Fiction, Reference, Filipiniana, Reserve, and Lasalliana collection. It also subscribes to 11 magazines and journals. The LRC is under the administration of the Aklatang Emilio Aguinaldo - Information Resource Center (AEA-IRC).

Mission and Vision

The Learning Resource Center is envisioning itself as the incubator of knowledge, hub of creativity, and information literacy partner of the High School Department. It strives to become a creative partner in the achievement of DLSU-D High School's goal in teaching, learning, and research. The mission of LRC is to provide instruction to stimulate interest in reading and using information and ideas that shall equip students with life-long learning skills. This mission is accomplished by:
  • providing resources, services, and facilities necessary to meet the learning and information needs of the High School community;
  • supporting all members of the junior high school community to become critical thinkers and effective users of information in all formats and media; and
  • working with the high school community to become a creative partner in the achievement of DLSU-D-HS goal in teaching, learning, and research.

Policies and Guidelines

Scanning of JHS Identification (ID)
The Learning Resource Center (LRC) is strictly implementing the No-ID-No-Entry Policy. Scanning of ID is required upon entering the library and in all library transactions such as borrowing and returning of items and the use of computers. This is also necessary in keeping track of student’s visits and exits from the library.

Access & Borrowing
The library access and borrowing policy explains the privileges and responsibilities of all who will borrow resources from the Learning Resource Center. It is the priority of the library to give the users easy access to the library collection to support teaching, learning, and research needs. This policy aims to ensure that access to resources is enjoyed by the DLSU-D high school community.

Borrower's Responsibility

Borrowers are responsible for all the resources charged to their account until the borrowed items have been returned. They are expected to:

  • exercise care in handling all library resources and return all items on time and in good condition;
  • renew resources on or before the due date;
  • inform the library personnel of items that cannot be returned on the due date;
  • report immediately about the lost and damaged books or items.

House Rules

The Learning Resource Center advocates #LRCIcareIsustainIbelong to instill a sense of responsibility to every library user in taking care of its resources and facilities, realizing the value of preservation, understanding ownership, and accountability. The library believes that this advocacy encourages positive change in attitude among library users.

I CARE – instilling the value of solicitude, an attitude of earnest concern or attention to other library users, and to the library resources/facilities.

I SUSTAIN – developing the value of preservation to maintain and keep the library resources/facilities in good condition for the future generation of users.

I BELONG – developing a sense of affinity for ownership or proprietorship, thus, creating a culture of accountabilityover library resources/facilities.


Sonia M. Gementiza, RL, PhD
Director, AEA-IRC
Trunklines: (046) 481-1900 to 1930 | (02) 779-51-80 loc. 3060
DLSU-D Aklatang Emilio Aguinaldo - Information Resource Center
Ethel M. Torres, RL, MLIS
Assistant Director for Internal Operations
Arlene R. Manzo, RL, MALS
Access Librarian for High School
Trunklines: (046) 481.19.00 | (02)779.51.80 loc. 3060 Trunklines: (046) 481.19.00 | (02)779.51.80 loc. 3308
DLSU-D Aklatang Emilio Aguinaldo - Information Resource Center DLSU-D Junior High School Department

Document Delivery Service (DDS)

Document Delivery Service(DDS) is one of the services provided by the Aklatang Emilio Aguinaldo-Information Resource Center (AEA-IRC) and Learning Resource Center that allow library patrons to request copy of published articles, book or book chapters available in print/electronic/online needed for research that are held at the library’s collections and are available from partner libraries. Requests are submitted online through document delivery service form. This service is free of charge and shall be sent through email