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Francisco Balagtas, - 2014, - Books

03/06/2015 Note: Urgent purchse Suggested for: DLSU-D HS Learning Resource Center Managed by: Ms Ethel Torres - 03/20/2015 Status: Accepted by the library (Available via ILL)

- Reference

01/16/2017 Status: Requested

01/16/2017 Managed by: Ms Ethel Torres - 01/20/2017 Status: Suggestion declined (Explicit content)

Chris Colfer,

01/26/2017 Status: Requested

Leigh Bardugo,

01/26/2017 Status: Requested

J. K, Rowling,

02/09/2017 Status: Requested

Alexander Gordon Smith,

02/09/2017 Note: please Status: Requested

Ursula K. Le Guin, - 2014, - The Real and Unreal (United States) - Fiction

02/14/2017 Note: It's a good book!! TRY IT PROMISEE YOU'LL NEVER REGRET IT!!!1! Status: Requested

Alan Garner, - William Collins, Sons

02/14/2017 Note: IT'S GOOD!! DEFINITELY 110/100!! Status: Requested

Jay Asher, - Books

02/16/2017 Status: Requested

J.K Rowling, - 2016,

04/19/2017 Status: Requested